A green Aspen Meadows Resort

The green-conscious
United States just keeps churning out more green hotels, and in today’s
post, another such green hotel is the Aspen Meadows Resort.

In the winter, the splendid and picturesque mountain town of Aspen is brimming
with activities, portraying skiing, top shopping, dining and a variety of
cultural activities for everyone. And there is no better place to stay other
than Aspen Meadows Resort. Dolce Aspen Meadows Resort provides excellent
services and comfort, and the meals served at Aspen Meadows Resort are of
superb standards. Excellent service aside, Aspen Meadows Resort has also many green
initiatives to be proud of and which earn Aspen Meadows Resort a LEED Gold
certification. Aspen Meadows Resort has a geothermal heating system and energy-saving
light bulbs to reduce energy usage. Dolce Aspen Meadows Resort Aspen strives to
purchase items which are recyclable in nature or recycled items. Energy and
water is monitored constantly to ensure that all usage is within reasonable
amounts, with steps taken when levels are above limits set by Dolce Aspen
Meadows Resort Aspen.

Aspen Meadows Resort aside, there are many green hotels which have been rated recently too. These hotels may not be in the United States, so why not have a look if you are looking to travel to other countries, and want to do so in a green conscious manner. View on below at the list of other hotels rated recently!

The Ring of Kerry, Ireland

There are so many beautiful places to choose from if you are going to visit Ireland, and one of the most popular is the Ring of Kerry in the south west. If you are going to explore it, then most people start at the town of Killarney, a hive of activity in the summer and just as beautiful and inviting in the winter. Here alone there are many great places of interest, including Ross Castle and the gardens of Muckross House. If you are driving, then it is recommended that you travel anti-clockwise from here so that problems on the narrower stretches of the road can be avoided. 
As you travel around the Ring of Kerry, you will see many beautiful sights. On the way from Killarney to Kilorglin, you will see Carrauntuohill which is the highest mountain in Ireland. Don’t forget your camera as you can take pictures of this wonderful sight and display them proudly at home. You can gaze at them fondly while playing Party Poker or show them off to friends and family who come to visit. Continuing on your way, there are many small detours that you can take if you want to. This includes Valentina Island which you can access via a causeway. Here you will find many different types of sub-tropical plants, made possible by the Gulf Stream. 
There are many interesting houses you can visit on the Ring of Kerry, as well as plenty of small, picturesque towns. The favourite place for many people is Ladies’ View, which you will find towards the end of your journey on the road from Kenmare and Killarney. This is a beautiful place that was named after the ladies-in-waiting of Queen Victoria, as they visited it on 1861 during the royal visit to Muckross House, Killarney. 

5 Hidden treasures of green hotels in United States

It’s a brand new year, and since my last post, many United States hotels with greenpractises have been unearthed since. These hidden green gems are greener than most hotels, and therefore deserves to be mentioned in our greeenty blog.

An emerald gem, aptly hidden in the Treasure Mountains, search and you shall find, the jewel in the crown, the Treasure Mountain Inn. Treasure Mountain Inn runs entirely on wind power, a strong statement in Treasure Mountain Inn’s intention to go green and rely on renewable energy resources instead of fossil fuels. Treasure Mountain Inn sees any item as brimming with potential to be recycled, and recycles so often that it was nominated “Recycler of the year” in Utah for 2 years running previously.

 Picture courtesy of Felix Hotel website.

Up next, meet Felix the, wait for it, Hotel. The Felix Hotel does not simply puss around with green initiatives. Instead, great deal of considerations goes into all operations of the hotel, with emphasis stressed on minimal negative impact on the environment. The Felix Hotel was delicately designed to be eco-friendly, and built in such a way that it is able to draw on the surrounding for its heat during the winters. Someone best let the cat out of the bag, and spread around word that Felix Hotel is a serious contender in for the title of the “greenest hotel”.

By the sea, lays another hidden gem, the Viking’s Greenstone Inn.As it name suggests, Greenstone Inn has a harden resolve to be a thriving green business, and it has done relatively well so far. The building itself was constructed with recycled materials and construction-waste forming a bulk of construction materials. A solar grid helps to partially power the Greenstone Inn, while also utilising advance technology to reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy.

Picture courtesy of Bentwood Inn website.

Nestled within Jackson Hole, and having a soft spot for lodgings in natural habitats, I had to include Bentwood Inn for a mention in this post. Bentwood Inn fully runs on 100% renewable energy, while at the same time still implements energy saving practises. Compact Fluorescent lightings are but one example, with timers to switch off heaters at regular intervals amongst other energy saving measures. Bentwood Inn happens to be an enthusiastic advocate of green establishments as well, and works actively together with these associations to help bring about a greener environment.

Picture courtesy of h2hotel website.

As always, the last hotel is the best there is,  I reckon. When it comes to being green, h2hotel certainly can claim to be one of the leading green hotels there are. The construction of h2hotel took place with great care given to the environment, with recycled materials being the most utilised construction material. h2hotel also purchased items only from its nearby local start ups, and does so with the intent of reducing carbon emission from transportation of goods. Solar panels can be found at the top of h2hotel, and is used to heat the pool and water system. h2hotel measures are already impressive, but the hotel’s management believes that more can be done, and I for one am excited to see further innovative implementations of h2hotel!

So that’s my top 5 hotels in the United States unearthed recently! Below are more hotels, which are doing their part to be green as well! Have a look!

The Eliot Hotel

5 United States accommodation that does green.

Endeavouring to be the forerunners in all aspects, the United States are leaving no stones left unturned when it comes to being a green country.  Lawmakers have been strategising and implementing various policies in an effort to combat rising carbon footprint, to make a green and healthier environment for the country’s residents. However, the United States government is not the only one trying to be environmentally friendly and green, with the plentiful hotels in the country contributing by adopting various eco-friendly practises. Below are 5 exemplary hotels that have made significant progress towards a green future.

Hyatt at Olive 8, source: Hyatt at Olive 8

What is located in Seattle is the chic-looking and luxurious Hyatt at Olive 8. The Hyatt at Olive 8 first priority is to ensure guests are provided with quality fresh air, making all windows operable. Low-VOC paints and non-smoking policies ensure that the air ventilating in Hyatt at Olive 8 has not been contaminated by pungent smells. Hyatt at Olive 8 was designed to utilise natural lightings, with 75% of the hotel accessible to natural lightings, and thus reducing dependency on electrical light fixtures.

Besides the Hyatt at Olive 8, another hotel worth mentioning is the Mark Spencer Hotel in Portland. The Mark Spencer Hotel is famed for its luxurious settings which gives off a romantic vibe, and is ideal for hosting celebrations such as wedding events. With green initiatives such as biodegradable key cards and purchasing products in bulk, guests celebrating a joyous occasion at The Mark Spencer Hotel can afford to do so by being green.

Bardessono Hotel and Spa, Source: Bardessono Hotel and Spa’s website

Stressed out by work? How about a trip to the Bardessono Hotel and Spa, where you are pampered by the excellent service provided while relaxing in the spa facilities. The Bardessono Hotel and Spa is committed to protecting the environment, and uses solar energy to generate energy. Guests are served organic foods which are purchased from local producers, thus encouraging sustainability.

Camp Denali, source: Camp Denali website

A family-run accommodation, Camp Denali has been top-notch in its green approach despite lacking the financial capability that of the larger and richer hotel chains. Food waste are either composted, or fed to the sled dogs at the camp. To reduce carbon footprint, hydroelectric system and solar power are used to provide the camp with energy.

Lastly, but definitely not the least, another accommodation in the wilderness is the Shenandoah National Park Lodgings, in Luray. If being away from all form of communication yet enjoying a tranquil green holiday is your thing, look no further than Shenandoah National Park Lodgings. Shenandoah National Park Lodgings has no Wi-Fi or phones available, while many green initiatives are in place at Shenandoah National Park Lodgings.  Shenandoah National Park Lodgings was built with recycled materials, while recycling bins are placed in all rooms. All electrical appliances have been rated Energy Star, meaning that it’s all energy efficient and does not use up unnecessary amount of energy when in use. 

These are but a few of the hotels in the United States doing their part to go green. Below are more hotels which have recently been rated in terms of their green practises, and are worth a visit. 

Hale Ho’okipa Inn Matawao
Orchard Garden Hotel
Hilton SF Union View
Renoir Hotel
John Hancock
Hotel Monaco
The Nines
Ace Hotel Portland
Doubletree Hotel Portland
Mark Spencer Hotel
Sequoia National Park
Bardessono Hotel and Spa
Hyatt at Olive 8
Comfort Inn and Suites 
Doubletree Suites by Hilton Hotel Boston

The Fairmont Green Partnership

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is an active leader in the hospitality industry on environmental efforts and sustainable practices. 
“The Fairmont Green Partnership” program has been created in the early 90’s; Fairmont has then committed to reduce its hotels’ impact on earth. Thus the Green program became one of the most significant values of Fairmont’s policy.
Through The Fairmont Green Partnership, Fairmont hotels are commited to reduce waste (paper, cardboard, cans and glasses) and to conserve resources such as energy and water. In 2005, Fairmont increased its efforts on local development to “think globally and act locally” as Fairmont adapts to every hotel’s location – for instance a project was launched by Fairmont in Hawaii with the University of Hawaii to promote and encourage coral reef protection.
Last but not at least, Fairmont offers “Eco-Meet” program for meeting planners to encourage environmental awareness. The program can be tailored depending of clients’ needs among 4 main components : Eco-Accommodation, Eco-Cuisine, Eco-Service and Eco-Programming.
For more informations, please read the Fairmont Green Partnership Program.

Five notable Canada green accommodations.

Canada is the second largest (landscape size) country in the world, famed for its spectacular sights and sports, most notably hockey. However, these are not all that Canada can be proud of. Over the years, the green initiatives undertaken by Canada and its existing businesses have been plentiful, with results being nothing short of impressive. Despite the plethora of green hotels, 5 Canada green hotels were particularly outstanding for their exceptional dedication towards a greener environment.

Source: E’Terra Resort website

For those seeking tranquillity, look no further than Tofino Eco
Lodge and E’Terra. Both eco lodges are situated deep within the Clayoquot Biosphere Reserve and the Niagara Reserve respectively, making it an ideal location to engage with nature on a spiritual level. Green initiatives are practised fervently at both green lodges, with the E’Terra going as far as to reuse its swimming pool as a fire tank.

Source: Strathcona Lodge website

A gem hidden in Upper Campbell Lake is the Strathcona Park Lodge. Overlooking picturesque view of glacier carved valleys, big pristine lakes and mountain peaks, the beauty of the place tends to leave one mesmerised. Strathcona Park Lodge is an unique green lodge, with alternative energy being its source of power. Strathcona Park Lodge uses a micro-hydro system and solar power simultaneously, and plays a part in the fight to reduce carbon footprint.

Source: Brookstreet Hotel website

Next up, the Brookstreet Hotel located in Ottawa. A 4-star hotel, Brookstreet manages to blend in green practises with it services without compromising the quality of service. Brookstreet Hotel deserves special mention for its dedication towards going green with the full use of low-impact renewable electricity. Not many hotels can claim to have used alternative energy, and less so to be fully reliant on alternative energy.

Last but not least, is the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified green hotel in Quebec, the Holiday Inn Express Quebec City. Part of the hotel used to be the base of a bridge, and recycled materials make up the bulk of construction materials. The roof has been designed to reflect sunlight, thus reducing the need for cooling amenities in Holiday Inn Express Quebec City.

Below are other hotels which have been rated recently by Greenty, and are just as good alternatives for a sustainable and green holiday stay place.

ALT Quartier DIX30

25 Green hotel in Costa Rica

Photo courtesy – http://www.encantalavida.com
Costa Rica is an example for ecotourism – the country cares about ecological problem and makes serious efforts to protect its nature and natural species. The deforestation is forbidden and the government promotes rural community tourism projects.
These 25 Costa Rica green hotels are the proof of Costa Rica’s involvement in ecotourism:

25 Green Hotels in Mexico

Mexico offers an important landscape’s diversity from forests to lagoons, beaches and archaeological sites.

Photo courtesy of http://www.reycaribe.com/

It is one of the main reason for Mexico to increase its efforts on ecotourism – plenty of new eco-lodges in Mexico are now available and tourists are offered the opportunity for a green and responsible treat.
Here is a list of the 25 most eco friendly hotels in Mexico:
For further information visit Greenty about green hotel.

A new way to promote responsible travel by Voyages SNCF

The French internet travel agency website, Voyages SNCF, is a leading example of green initiative.

In September 2011, Voyages SNCF launched the 5th edition of “Les Trophées du Tourisme Responsable” which means “the awards of responsible tourism” and it is the only event which supports responsible travel in France.
Since 2006, the event has been organised every year and the main aim is to reward those who are mobilizing for responisble travel. The 5th edition meet with success with more than 80 000 votes for 196 candidates.
Regarding the votes, the professionnal jury, composed of 60 experts of sustainable development and tourism, constitutes 50% of the votes. The other 50% is made up by visitors voting for their favorite candidate directly on Voyage SNCF’s website.
It is the first edition where visitors can vote, the purpose is to encourage them to be aware of ecotourism and to prove that responsible travel is for everyone and for every budget.
It was also an occasion to reward French eco-hotels for their involment in sustainable tourism and their ecological footprint.
For more informations, please visit Les Trophées du Tourisme Responsable.

Five Hawaiian Eco-Resorts

Thousands of years ago, the Hawaiian Islands were formed by undersea volcanoes. Today, the islands are now known for their pristine beaches and for being a great holiday destination for Americans and tourists alike. A unique feature about the Hawaiian Islands is that some of the nicest and most luxurious hotels on the islands are going green. Despite many options of green hotels, tourists can still find unique one-of-a-kind spots to stay in that also provide green living. Here are five hotels that are green, yet seemingly possessing something extra special.

Off the coast of Maui is the small island of Lanai. Known for being secluded and a place for relaxation, Lanai offers guests not one, but two Four Seasons Resorts. With one resort nestled away in the middle of the island, and the other sitting right next to the water, guests can choose where they would want to stay on the island. Both resorts run on a combination of solar and waste energy. They also both have world recognized golf courses that use a grey water system for maintaining. Check them out at Four Seasons Resort Lanai and Four Seasons Resort Lanai at Manele Bay.

Known as the “heart of Hawaii,” Hanna Bay is for travelers looking for that authentic Hawaiian vacation experience. Located in the center of the town is the Bamboo Inn in Hanna Bay. With only three rooms offered, privacy is easy to come by. The rooms overlook the waterfront and the green valleys of the island. The inn is completely made out of bamboo, a sustainable product, and also has an organic fruit garden on site.

If guests want to be on an island with more going on, they can try the Maui Eco-Retreat. Set on the island of Maui, this eco friendly destination gives guests beachfront views and Hawaiian greenery in the same place. The inn runs completely on alternative energy and they also compost all waste. Guests can stay in a large house or have their own cottage.

The last hotel that I would like to mention is the Hedonisia Eco-Hostel and Tropical Farm Retreat. Located in the green community of Hedonisia on the island of Hawaii, this eco-retreat is not for just any average traveler. Guests can stay in a variety of accommodations that includes an old school bus, renamed the “love bus.” The hostel lives off the land, and uses materials provided by donations or other guests. Guests can even volunteer their services towards the hostel to get a special rate on accommodations.

Here are also some other green hotels recently rated in Hawaii:

Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows

Outrigger Kiahuna Plantation

Ramada Plaza Waikiki

Ala Moana Hotel

Aston Waikiki Beach Hotel

Aston Aloha Beach Hotel

Nihi Kai Villas by Great Vacation Retreats

Poipu Kai Resort

Makena Beach and Golf Resort

Waimea Plantation Cottages

North Country Farms in Princeville

Twin Hearts Cottage

Kauai Country Inn

Hotel Lanai


Huelo Point Lookout

Halemano Sanctuary

Dragonfly Ranch