The Chain of Eco tourism: Tying Environmental Awareness to our Society.

All across the globe Eco-hotels, lodges, resorts, and other forms of accommodation have sprung up. Promoting their environmentally friendly approach to all forms of travel; luxury, cosy, and backpacking. Recently, hotel and resort chains have begun taking on the challenge of reinventing themselves as Green sustainers. One such chain is the well known Club Mediterranée, they have signed another ten year partnership with Green Globe certification to further introduce their bid for establishing sustainable accommodation.

Club Med is located in 40 different countries, with 80 resorts across 5 continents. This widespread distribution in itself, coupled with an environmentally approach can be an influential factor in the tourism industry. Hopefully encouraging more forms of accommodation to take on this approach. If Club Med fully converts all their villages to a recognized level of sustainability in accordance with the Green Globe Certification process, it would make a definite impact on sustaining the environment.

According to Club Med’s Director of Sustainable Development, Agnes Weil, 11% of their accommodation villages is already eco-certified. “Club Med has worked with three major international organisations in the sustainable tourism field, and appreciates Green Globe Certification’s reliability and dynamism.”

Green Globe is a system based on an internationally recognized sustainability system using accepted criteria to rate operation and management of travel and tourism. At this moment, four Club Med villages are Green Globe certified: Club Med Turkoise (Turks and Caicos), Club Med Chamonix Mont Blanc (France), Club Med Punta Cana (Dominican Republic), and Club Med Cherating (Malaysia).

This Green Globe programme installed at Club Med, has already proven to be efficient and produced results when compared to the villages not yet introduced to this Eco-approach. The Green Globe CEO, Guido Bauer, has noted that, “…that those Club Med properties who have already completed the certification are currently saving from 4-6% more water and 2-8% more energy compared to villages that are not yet fully involved in our program.”

Let’s hope that one day we can see the effects of these changes on our environment and that more hotels will follow suit!