Golf while helping the environment

Dear readers

Golf have too often a very negative impact on environment, generally on water, fauna and flora. We have seen disastrous golf developemnt on the planet …

Thats why we are happy to introduce an original concept: Tee for Tree

Well Planet introduced a unique and noble golf tee brand; Plantee. The integrated concept “teefortree” is exactly the reason why this tees is much different then all other existing golf tee brands. The concept is simple: for each tee sold a tree will be planted in an area where agroforestry is badly needed. So the more tees sold, the more trees will be planted!

In this way Plantee helps people in South America, Africa and Asia improve livelihoods and restore degraded land. Good for them, planet earth and generations to come. For the full and more detailed explanation I refer to the website: . Check it out!