Sustainability is on the minds of many consumers today. Most choose ways of lowering their energy usage to help the environment and to save money. Sustainable travel is another way that you can promote environmentally friendly living. If you are thinking about taking holiday soon, there are a few ways that you incorporate sustainable travel into your plans.
1.     Shop locally – Using local products and services is among the best ways that you can travel sustainably. Many regions offer local vendors that provide everything from food to wonderful native souvenirs. Ask about the origin of what you are purchasing to ensure that it comes from a local region. Try to avoid products that are made from threatened natural resources such as endangered species. Ask vendors if they offer goods that are manufactured locally before you purchase
2.     Walk – Anytime you can give your car a rest you are helping the environment. Take walks or choose public transportation when you travel. If you are on holiday, walking can be a wonderful way to see the sights and what the area has to offer. Check on bike rentals or simply take a bus where you need to go if walking is out of the question.
3.     Remember the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle are the R’s that you should keep in mind. Products that are overly packaged are a prime example of waste. Choose products that require little packaging and get as many products as you can into one carrier bag. You could even purchase or take along your own recyclable shopping bags to cut down on waste. If you use containers that are recyclable then be sure that you are putting them into the proper recycling bins when you are finished. When preparing your travel equipment, always go light and focus on the essential
4.     Conserve energy – Saving energy is essential in protecting the environment. While many consumers conserve energy at home, they give little mind to it when traveling. Sustainable travel is all about helping out in any way that you can. Turn off lights when you leave a hotel room and keep thermostats at a steady temperature. Just because you are not paying the energy bill does not mean that you can’t help to save energy.
5.     Reduce your carbon footprint – Airplanes are always going to be in the air. The simple fact is that in today’s world, flight is a necessity. You can help to offset carbon emissions when flying however by packing lighter which in turn makes for a lighter flight so airplanes will use a bit less fuel. There are many other ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint when you reach your destination. Taking walks or participating in low-carbon activities will make a much bigger impact than you may think. 

Conserve water – Turn off the tap in your hotel room when you are not using it. For instance, if you are shaving or brushing your teeth, turn the tap off until you absolutely need water. Taking shorter showers will also help to conserve water. The fact is that the more people who actively participate in sustainable travel, the better the overall environment will be