Banyan Tree Hotels and Resorts, a recognized brand for responsible travel

A very interesting chain when it comes to eco-travel: Banyantree Resorts is one of the top-end resort chains in the world, with high growth prospects, moving up from within 3 years from 52 to 90 locations, and 7,000 to 20,000 staff !

What is interestring is that even if they grow, they are not changing their focus, still very much on sustainability and responsible travel – as shown below with some of their green initiatives:

– everything starts with the design of each lodge – all based on sustainability
– Training is a major priority of the chain
– Banyan Tree’s Green Imperative Fund provides financial support for environmental initiatives and community-based projects. Guests can contribute US$2 per night of stay at hotels and resorts. Banyan Tree matches guests’ contributions dollar for dollar to grow the fund.
– There is also a natural resource conservation programme with the objective of reducing the energy and water consumption at resorts by 10% annually for the next three years.
– last but not least each Banyan Tree property appoints a CSR/sustainability champion who not only manages and trains resort staff, but shares examples with a group CSR committee.


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  1. I actually attended a talk by Claire Chiang (VP of Banyan Tree) yesterday and this was one of the things she emphasized on… Maybe we will encounter an even stronger shift towards green travel from Banyan Tree soon!

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