Eco-tourism and Management Practices: a good case study … Six Senses Resorts and Spas

Can Six Senses Spas Resorts & Spas, a very high end resorts and spas chain based out of Thailand – with resorts in South East Asia priced around 500 USD a night, be considered as an ecotourit chain ? Many would doubt of it …
In fact, Six Senses operates a unique management style: Management, rather than hierarchical, is based on the physical nature of the Earth – there is an inner core (Mr Shivdasani and six others), a core (Mrs Shivdasani and 12 others) an inner sphere (39 senior management) and an outer sphere (those who deal directly with guests).
The chain is absolutely committed to sustainability, the group stints nothing in offering an ultra-luxury service to its guests in the great Asian tradition of perfection of hospitality. Six Senses attitudes are outlined in the acronym SLOW LIFE (Sustainable Local, Organic, Wholesome – Learning, Inspiring, Fun, Experiences)
According to the group, “The pyramid of six spheres used to identify Six Senses Spas, represents the philosophy that is fundamental to the human experience: The foundation spheres represent the three primary senses of sight, sound and touch. The second level balances upon this foundation by satisfying the more acute senses of taste and smell. The apex sphere symbolizes a sense of elation discovered only by balancing the first five – the unique experience of all senses elevated beyond expectations.”
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