Responsible Travel : Getaway is a beach

How do we describe a perfect holiday?
Nowadays, the first thing that pops into one’s mind when asked with this
question is a beach getaway. With the sugary-white sand piling up on your feet,
then being enticed for a swim in the crystal clear water, the beach escape is a
traveller’s paradise here on earth. 
Recently, we have seen a surge in tourist arrivals flocking to beach
areas to have their fair share of sun, sea and surf while being with friends or
family. But with this growing number of tourists flooding our beaches, it has
turned pristine coastline into a mishmash of trash.
Good thing, a lot of the accommodation
establishments springing up on beach areas around the world are now moving
forward to more sustainable operations for guests. One good example to this is Curtain Bluff Resort where it
has mixed a wide-array of watersports in the Antiguan tropics with green
initiatives such as water conservation, capitalizing on modern equipment such
as chlorinators and reactors for water filtration and reuse.
On the other side of the world, in
Australia, we have Shboo Shelly BeachLodge, with its log cabin façade but perched near the sea, where the
energy used for its daily operations are harnessed from natural sources such as
sunlight and wind energy. Because of this, it has consistently barred emissions
from its facilities ever since leveraging on natural energy supply. 
Not only do these resort establishments
provide a greener environment for its guests, it has also given the local
community a sustainable way of living. For example, the Elsewhere Beach House The Bakery in Northern Goa has
provided locals with day-to-day jobs in the areas of food and beverage,
maintenance and events operations. This has triggered employment and economic
benefits in the area surrounding the resort.
Whether we are basking in the sun at
Antigua, or wading in the seashores of India, these beach facilities have not
only given guests their much needed getaway, but it has also provided the
environment a longer time to sustainably share its beauty to other travellers
for years to come.

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