How to Indulge Yourself with a Luxury Holiday to St Lucia

St Lucia’s mountains make its skyline
instantly recognisable. When you think about the island, you probably visualise
the twin peaks of the Pitons. Partly thanks to this iconic image, St Lucia has
a lively tourist industry, and that’s a good thing. The tourist economy
supports a wide range of excellent hotels and places to visit. And, because St
Lucia is quite a small island, nothing is ever far away.
Most visitors come to the Caribbean for its
sunshine and beaches. In St Lucia, you’ll find them everywhere. At one of the
island’s top hotels, you’ll be able to relax in the perfect tropical paradise.
For its laid-back atmosphere, colourful birdlife, and lush gardens, stay at The
East Winds Inn. For French Caribbean charm, wonderful scenery, and luxurious
spa facilities, try Jalousie Plantation. Another superb hotel to consider is
Cap Maison. Here, you’ll find stunning views, along with the quality you’d
expect at a five-star hotel.
Jade Mountain Hotel is a very special
discovery. If you demand modern luxury, but want to escape from the nuisance of
televisions and phones, it could be your dream. Jade Mountain was made for
couples who just want to be left alone. Here, you can enjoy your stay in near-complete
isolation, just order breakfast, dinner or a spa treatment when you want it.
Alternatively, you might want to get out
and see the country.
Visit the famous Pitons, a UNESCO World
Heritage Site. These two majestic mountains are formed by volcanic plugs. If
you’re feeling energetic, go for a climb. Alternatively, just relax and soak up
the scenery.
At the nearby town of Soufrière, St Lucia’s
volcanic past is still evident. You’ll find hot springs and fumaroles, and it
boasts the world’s only drive-through volcano. The St Lucia Botanical Gardens,
or Diamond Botanical Gardens, are also in Soufrière, so they’re certainly worth
a visit. Here, the volcanic minerals help sustain a rich and exotic flora, and
a waterfall of dazzling colours.
Depending on the timing of your trip, you
might be lucky enough to catch the St Lucia Carnival, or maybe the Jazz
Festival. If not, don’t worry. You can still enjoy the island’s vibrant culture
by visiting its capital. With a population of just over ten thousand, Castries
isn’t a metropolis, but it is buzzing. You’ll love its unique atmosphere, and
treasure its memory alongside the many you’ll take home from St Lucia.
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