B&B, with a pinch of Nature please.

Living in the urban jungle is fast-paced, full of stress and even toxic for some. More often than not,
city folk veer to the seclusion of quaint little towns and villages dotting the rural areas to take a
glimpse of good old pastoral lifestyle. Nowadays, vacationing in these bed and breakfast joints are
making waves instead of the mainstream hotel and resort stay most of us would want to have. So
much so that in the US, practically all states, whether in the outskirts of megalopolises to high up in
the mountains, have bed and breakfast accommodations that are truly sought after.

Most of these B&B’s have a lot of things in common from one another – it is reminiscent of the
yesteryears of personal lodging, has excellent homemade food prepared, secluded and exclusive to
almost only 10 or so guests for every stay, and fabulous views of manicured gardens and landscapes.
Whether nearby a ski resort area or in the northeast US where a maritime feel is evoked in every
stay, these B&Bs provide a fabulous backdrop for any vacation, more so for urban folk awaiting to
detoxify themselves from the stresses of city living.

Though these bed and breakfast accommodations have been small-run businesses and are very
much personal to the guests, they still live up to the eco-philosophy that is running on the minds
of hoteliers around the world. Great examples are found in Greenty’s wide selection of bed and
breakfast lodging. Carriage House B&B in Lynchburg, Virginia is a classic example of early American
lifestyle complete with spacious foyers and brick exterior facades. Madeleine Inn in Santa Fe, New
Mexico has been set strategically in the middle of ski vacation areas, city establishments and the
pristine New Mexico landscape – giving guests a sampling of all local sights and sounds. High up
in the mountain area of Leavenworth comes Sleeping Lady Mountain Retreat, offering variety of
green activities such as nature and music retreats for those visiting from urban areas. Lastly, if guests
want a feel of pastoral living on a fully-functioning ranch, then First Farm Inn situated on Northern
Kentucky is the best place to groom, tack up and befriend barn animals some thirty minutes outside
of Cincinnati.

Bed and breakfast accommodation may be some of the best places to recharge, relax and
rejuvenate, and it has so much more at store to promote wellness as well as the protection of our