The Fairmont Green Partnership

Fairmont Hotels and Resorts is an active leader in the hospitality industry on environmental efforts and sustainable practices. 
“The Fairmont Green Partnership” program has been created in the early 90’s; Fairmont has then committed to reduce its hotels’ impact on earth. Thus the Green program became one of the most significant values of Fairmont’s policy.
Through The Fairmont Green Partnership, Fairmont hotels are commited to reduce waste (paper, cardboard, cans and glasses) and to conserve resources such as energy and water. In 2005, Fairmont increased its efforts on local development to “think globally and act locally” as Fairmont adapts to every hotel’s location – for instance a project was launched by Fairmont in Hawaii with the University of Hawaii to promote and encourage coral reef protection.
Last but not at least, Fairmont offers “Eco-Meet” program for meeting planners to encourage environmental awareness. The program can be tailored depending of clients’ needs among 4 main components : Eco-Accommodation, Eco-Cuisine, Eco-Service and Eco-Programming.
For more informations, please read the Fairmont Green Partnership Program.

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