Five notable Canada green accommodations.

Canada is the second largest (landscape size) country in the world, famed for its spectacular sights and sports, most notably hockey. However, these are not all that Canada can be proud of. Over the years, the green initiatives undertaken by Canada and its existing businesses have been plentiful, with results being nothing short of impressive. Despite the plethora of green hotels, 5 Canada green hotels were particularly outstanding for their exceptional dedication towards a greener environment.

Source: E’Terra Resort website

For those seeking tranquillity, look no further than Tofino Eco
Lodge and E’Terra. Both eco lodges are situated deep within the Clayoquot Biosphere Reserve and the Niagara Reserve respectively, making it an ideal location to engage with nature on a spiritual level. Green initiatives are practised fervently at both green lodges, with the E’Terra going as far as to reuse its swimming pool as a fire tank.

Source: Strathcona Lodge website

A gem hidden in Upper Campbell Lake is the Strathcona Park Lodge. Overlooking picturesque view of glacier carved valleys, big pristine lakes and mountain peaks, the beauty of the place tends to leave one mesmerised. Strathcona Park Lodge is an unique green lodge, with alternative energy being its source of power. Strathcona Park Lodge uses a micro-hydro system and solar power simultaneously, and plays a part in the fight to reduce carbon footprint.

Source: Brookstreet Hotel website

Next up, the Brookstreet Hotel located in Ottawa. A 4-star hotel, Brookstreet manages to blend in green practises with it services without compromising the quality of service. Brookstreet Hotel deserves special mention for its dedication towards going green with the full use of low-impact renewable electricity. Not many hotels can claim to have used alternative energy, and less so to be fully reliant on alternative energy.

Last but not least, is the first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified green hotel in Quebec, the Holiday Inn Express Quebec City. Part of the hotel used to be the base of a bridge, and recycled materials make up the bulk of construction materials. The roof has been designed to reflect sunlight, thus reducing the need for cooling amenities in Holiday Inn Express Quebec City.

Below are other hotels which have been rated recently by Greenty, and are just as good alternatives for a sustainable and green holiday stay place.

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