New, international and common criteria for ecotourism ?

Finally there seems to be some move towards a common, international label for eco-tourism …

Some industry heavyweights, including Sabre, UNEP, UN-WTO, CBD (Convention on Biological Diversity), IUCN, ICMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites, Rainforest Alliance, CAST (Caribbean Alliance for Sustainable Tourism), Conservation International, The International Ecotourism Society, IHRA, Federation of Tour Operators, Conde Nast Traveler, Ecotourism Kenya, Choice Hotels International, Hyatt, Instiduto de Hospitalidade, EcoTrans, VISIT, Expedia, Tourism Concern have joined forces to create and promote a new certification system.

This label would give individual weight to different areas of sustainability so that clients can make choices according to their individual preferences.

Criteria would include sustainable management systems, preservation of cultural and environmental heritage and biodiversity, fair trade and local involvement and energy and emissions management separately.

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