Sabre, a US based Global Distribution System, also promoting eco-tourism …

“Industry Must Work Together on Sustainability” commented sabre, one of the leading Global Distribution Service (based in the US).

Leilani Latimer, their Director of Sustainability Initiatives, explained that the global travel business must move forward to identify and implement a clear, transparent and verifiable certification system for sustainable tourism.

However she stressed that this would not be good enough. “The value to the general public of a system that is not based on outside certification is nil” She explained.

Sabre also works internally on promoting sustainability. for example they have offset programmeamongst many other sustainability initiatives.

Sabre also owns Travelocity, thus travelforgood, promoting travel as an agent for positive change. The site offers “Change Ambassadors” grants, volunteers stories, podcasts, responsible travel tips and offsets and partners with Earthwatch, GlobalAware and the American Hiking Society.