Can waste become a commodity ? The Chinese case study

Waste has emerged as China’s biggest environmental challenges.
The country faces a solid waste treatment backlog of around 60-70
billion tonnes, putting it under huge pressure to boost recycling
has already launched a scheme to create “waste-free cities” and is
building hundreds of “comprehensive recycling bases” across the country.
But firms complain that China lacks the infrastructure and waste
treatment habits required to create a profitable business.

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We all know China closed the door on recyclable materials last year and will again tighten up by 2020. 

aim is to block imports of all waste products that could be sourced
domestically. Qiu Qiwen, director of the Ministry of Ecology and
Environment’s solid waste division,
products not included on the banned list would also be restricted by
next year, but high-quality material would still be accepted.

the solid waste … meets the requirements of China’s import standards
and doesn’t contain any hazards, then it can be treated as common
commodities, not waste,” he said.

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