La France Verte

Alongside with Germany, France appears today as one of the country in the world offering the largest number of hotels, inns, and more peculiar destinations that have made the choice to propose a responsible stay for their guests.

As an old European country, with very old buildings hard to improve, regarding their energy efficiency, it seemed hard for historical hotels to implement sound and effective policy towards green travel. But the Hôtel Le Morgane, for example in Chamonix, went through a major refurbishment program over the last six months, offering a hotel in Chamonix both upscale and responsible. Aware that it would not be possible to go as far as do the currently constructed buildings since the hotel started from an existent building, the project followed a voluntary and rigorous methodology.
Luxurious hotels have managed to respect this environmental necessity as well: The Hi Hotel in Nice,  has managed to combine luxury, design, and ecology. Its cantina offers exclusively local and organic food, solar panel was implemented to produce the required energy, and the hotel proposes bike to its clients.

But France offers far more than traditional hotels, and travelers will have the opportunity to discover natural sites and discover the most beautiful landscapes of the country: Natural Surf Lodge, in Seignosse, close to the French Landes, is an ancient farm which have been completely refurnished according to green criteria, that serves as stay to host surfing students.
The Manigod guesthouse in Comburce, is an authentic Savoyard farmhouse renovated in a entirely ecological way.

And if you are longing for a truly unique journey, you might consider the Auberge des VoyaJoueurs in Monteneuf offers games room and large wooden games, and has integrated sustainability as one of its founding principles. Or try the Perrine’ Earthship, the only earth ship rental of its kind outside America and the first official domestic earth ship in Europe.

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