The green-conscious
United States just keeps churning out more green hotels, and in today’s
post, another such green hotel is the Aspen Meadows Resort.

In the winter, the splendid and picturesque mountain town of Aspen is brimming
with activities, portraying skiing, top shopping, dining and a variety of
cultural activities for everyone. And there is no better place to stay other
than Aspen Meadows Resort. Dolce Aspen Meadows Resort provides excellent
services and comfort, and the meals served at Aspen Meadows Resort are of
superb standards. Excellent service aside, Aspen Meadows Resort has also many green
initiatives to be proud of and which earn Aspen Meadows Resort a LEED Gold
certification. Aspen Meadows Resort has a geothermal heating system and energy-saving
light bulbs to reduce energy usage. Dolce Aspen Meadows Resort Aspen strives to
purchase items which are recyclable in nature or recycled items. Energy and
water is monitored constantly to ensure that all usage is within reasonable
amounts, with steps taken when levels are above limits set by Dolce Aspen
Meadows Resort Aspen.

Aspen Meadows Resort aside, there are many green hotels which have been rated recently too. These hotels may not be in the United States, so why not have a look if you are looking to travel to other countries, and want to do so in a green conscious manner. View on below at the list of other hotels rated recently!

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