A new way to promote responsible travel by Voyages SNCF

The French internet travel agency website, Voyages SNCF, is a leading example of green initiative.

In September 2011, Voyages SNCF launched the 5th edition of “Les Trophées du Tourisme Responsable” which means “the awards of responsible tourism” and it is the only event which supports responsible travel in France.
Since 2006, the event has been organised every year and the main aim is to reward those who are mobilizing for responisble travel. The 5th edition meet with success with more than 80 000 votes for 196 candidates.
Regarding the votes, the professionnal jury, composed of 60 experts of sustainable development and tourism, constitutes 50% of the votes. The other 50% is made up by visitors voting for their favorite candidate directly on Voyage SNCF’s website.
It is the first edition where visitors can vote, the purpose is to encourage them to be aware of ecotourism and to prove that responsible travel is for everyone and for every budget.
It was also an occasion to reward French eco-hotels for their involment in sustainable tourism and their ecological footprint.
For more informations, please visit Les Trophées du Tourisme Responsable.

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