Discover Bang Krachao in Bangkok

Enjoy the sightseeing in Bangkok, capital of Thailand, one of the biggest city of the country that shows the whole Thai cultural wealth.

Despite the fact that Bangkok is a polluted city, the government is aware of the important impact of ecotourism for their economy, as ecotourism attract a lot of tourists, especially from Europe.
They are making effort by participating in climate change negotiations, however restrictions about CO2 emissions are not plan yet.
The hope of having a “green” Bangkok is held out by students and Thai youth as they feel concerned by the future of their country. Thus, their main aim is to promote sustainable development and to develop and design appropriate ecotourism program, as they consider ecotourism’s concept as a future income for local people and society.

Nowaday, they are increasing their effort to save “Bang Krachao”, the last green space in Bangkok. Students from the Faculty of Architecture have a project: to develop Bang Krachao as a famous ecotourism spot of Bangkok. Several students coming from different part of the world came at the beginning of August to define ecotourism opportunities and to develop a roadmap in the park.
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