Maldives – leading by example: Climate-conscious Maldives Prez adopts solar energy

It might be a very symbolic gesture but it is clearly a great communcation success: so as to to persuade world leaders to go green and demonstrate their commitment to renewable energy, the President of the Maldives, Mohammad Nasheed will adopt a solar energy model at his residence shunning non-renewable energy.

The Maldives are widely known as a luxury travel destination where luxury hotels are developing fast all around these islands that are on average 5 feet under sea level.

Here his video , at the UN Climate Summit Copenhagen advocating action against Climate Change

Nasheed, last year, had led his cabinet into an under-water meeting t highlight the dangers of global warming and the risk the rise in water levels posed to low-lying islands like his country.

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    I'm an advocate for saving the Earth so let's join hands in doing so. My campaign posts are mostly in my other blog
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