Partnership with Clean the World Program

The Sheraton Sand Key Resort has recently partnered with Clean the World (CTW), a non-profit, charitable organization, who is making a difference in the world by recycling, reducing waste, providing jobs… For exemple, what happens to the unused bits of soap and shampoo at hotels, eco hotels, green hotels after the clients departure ?

Clean the World’s mission is simple—to collect, recycle and re-distribute partially used hotel, eco hotels, green hotels soaps and shampoos around the world to those in need. Countries all across the globe are threatened daily by illness and death caused by respiratory infections… In an effort to limit these preventable deaths from occurring, CTW aims to save one million lives each year. The Sheraton Sand Key Resort is proud of being 1 of over 100 partner hotels with CTW and has begun to follow the sustainable practices, eco hotel and green hotels program…
The Hotel’s “Green Team” is excited of the environmental improvements that the partnership with CTW will bring about.

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