A website with more than 1000 eco hotels listed

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we have just released the full version of our Green Travel Search Engin, http://www.greenty.com/. We now have more than 1000 eco hotels listed on the site in many destinations such as:

Antigua and Barbuda Eco-hotels Argentina Eco-hotels Aruba Eco-hotels Australia Eco-hotels Austria Eco-hotels Bahamas Eco-hotels Barbados Eco-hotels Belgium Eco-hotels Belize Eco-hotels Bermuda Eco-hotels Bolivia Eco-hotels Brazil Eco-hotels Cambodia Eco-hotels Canada Eco-hotels Cayman Islands Eco-hotels Chile Eco-hotels China Eco-hotels Colombia Eco-hotels Cook Islands Eco-hotels Costa Rica Eco-hotels Czech Republic Eco-hotels Denmark Eco-hotels Dominica Eco-hotels Ecuador Eco-hotels Egypt Eco-hotels Estonia Eco-hotels Fiji Eco-hotels Finland Eco-hotels France Eco-hotels French Polynesia Eco-hotels Gabon Eco-hotels Gambia Eco-hotels Germany Eco-hotels Ghana Eco-hotels Greece Eco-hotels Grenada Eco-hotels Guadeloupe Eco-hotels Guatemala Eco-hotels Guyana Eco-hotels Honduras Eco-hotels Hungary Eco-hotels Iceland Eco-hotels India Eco-hotels Indonesia Eco-hotels Ireland Eco-hotels Italy Eco-hotels Jamaica Eco-hotels Japan Eco-hotels Kenya Eco-hotels Laos Eco-hotels Lithuania Eco-hotels Madagascar Eco-hotels Malawi Eco-hotels Malaysia Eco-hotels Maldives Eco-hotels Mauritius Eco-hotels Mexico Eco-hotels Micronesia Eco-hotels Monaco Eco-hotels Montserrat Eco-hotels Morocco Eco-hotels Mozambique Eco-hotels Namibia Eco-hotels Netherlands Eco-hotels Netherlands Antilles Eco-hotels New Caledonia Eco-hotels New Zealand Eco-hotels Nicaragua Eco-hotels Norway Eco-hotels Panama Eco-hotels Papua New Guinea Eco-hotels Peru Eco-hotels Philippines Eco-hotels Portugal Eco-hotels Puerto Rico Eco-hotels Saint Lucia Eco-hotels Seychelles Eco-hotels South Africa Eco-hotels Spain Eco-hotels Sri Lanka Eco-hotels Sweden Eco-hotels Switzerland Eco-hotels Tanzania Eco-hotels Thailand Eco-hotels Tonga Eco-hotels Turkey Eco-hotels Turks and Caicos Islands Eco-hotels United Kingdom Eco-hotels United States Eco-hotels Vanuatu Eco-hotels Vietnam Eco-hotels Virgin Islands Eco-hotels Western Samoa Eco-hotels Zambia Eco-hotels

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