The best green destinations of this world

Interesting survey from two different organizations:

According to Grist and Treehugger, the top green cities in the world would be:

According to Grist:
1. Reykjavik, Iceland2. Portland, Oregon, U.S.3. Curitiba, Brazil4. Malmö, Sweden5. Vancouver, Canada6. Copenhagen, Denmark7. London, England8. San Francisco, California, U.S.9. Bahía de Caráquez, Ecuador10. Sydney, Australia11. Barcelona, Spain12. Bogotá, Colombia13. Bangkok, Thailand14. Kampala, Uganda15. Austin, Texas, U.S.

According to Treehugger:
1. Portland, OR2. Freiburg, Germany3. Zermatt, Switzerland4. Montreal, Quebec, Canada5. Austin, Texas, USA

Whats yuour take on this ? Happy to hear your comments…

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