Dear Readers,

we have just soft launched the new Green Travel Search Engine

Cuurently the test version only accounts 20 eco hotels but we have 1000+ eco hotels revieweds that will be live in a couple of weeks from now …

Enjoy the tour ! is the first eco-travel search engine & a 2.0 portal on responsible travel
Our goal is to simplify the search for green travel for the consumers. We are not a travel agency, we only improve search for everyone through our three unique features:
Our search technology: we search for information on eco holidays, resorts, tours, hotels webpages, tour operators, OTAs, blogs, social networks, news sites, directories… pretty much every place imaginable on the internet. That enables us to organize and display web content about eco tourism in a very useful manger. You can start searching now
Then our travel experts rate and classify the eco tourism opportunities to make the search results even more understandable and reliable for our users – through the unique Greenty Index
Finally, the Greenty community contributes information to help enhance the search experience. users can add reviews to increase the relevance of‘s content on eco travel. You can rate a green hotel here

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