Egypt, a new place for ecotourism, ecotravel and green hotels?

Egypt is an incredibly attractive tourism destination; it all started more than 2000 years ago when Roman travellers visited Egypt to see the ancient pharaonic ruins.

Today tourism is Egypt’s most important industry, with 2.2 million jobs – however over 75% of the country’s tourist activity is concentrated on the Red Sea – thus mass tourism threatens to ruin Egypt’s unique heritage.

Fortunately there is an extremely active Ecotourism Committee in the Egyptian Tourism Federation, accessible at

Their area of action includes protecting natural areas and cracking down on illegal hunting.

They also produce a weekly half-hour program in cooperation with Egyptian satellite television called Egypt the Land of Beauty which features Egypt’s protected areas, ecotourism activities, eco-lodges, and indigenous tribes of Egypt’s three deserts.

The passage of a law in 1983 has also led to the declaration of 27 protected areas in Egypt that you can locate online at the following map:

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  1. I went to and they list a nice size list of eco-conscious places to stay while visiting Egypt; they list specifics on what eco-conscious features a hotel has to offer, helping travelers limit their impact on Egypt! I appreciate the information and hope those traveling remain aware of the responsibility to protect the unique culture and heritage of Egypt.

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