Rydges from Australia announces Green Globe certified Hotels

Yes indeed it is difficult to differentiate true green hotels from hotels simply communicating on green certification…

That’s why it is important to have global certification scheme, such as Green Globe .

The leading Australia hotel chain, Rydges, has just announced that two hotels have become Green Globe Bronze Benchmarked Hotels – Rydges Lakeland Resort Queenstown and Capitol Square Hotel in Sydney.

Their key green performance areas are:

•Energy efficiency, conservation and management

•Reduction in green house gas emissions

•Reduction in the consumption of fresh water and resources

•Support for local community development

•Improved management of social and cultural issues

•Improved land use planning and management

•Improved air quality and noise reduction

•Improved waste water management

•Waste minimization, reuse and recycling

Congratulations to both properties! more info at www.rydges.com/green-globe-hotels.asp

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  1. I always check Environmentally Friendly Hotels when traveling, and I was surprised that I could not find either of these properties listed there. Hopefully they will add them soon because it sounds like they headed in the right direction.

    I love Australia and will look into them next time I’m there. Thanks for this article.

    Lisa S.

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