2009 Green Travel Summit announced …

This year’s Green Travel Summit willbe mentored by CNN’s Olivia Zaleski, sustainable experts David Refkin & Auden Schendler, and EPA’s Harry Lewis.

The 2009 forum will be focused on sustainability in business – exploring green travel strategies and their impact on business travel and corporate meetings.

I have read some negative feedbaks on the fact that this was driven by business thoughts but we at Greenty always believe that business needs to be associated to green travel – and green travel needs to involve business decision makers – or green travel will go nowhere or end up as a tiny niche market – and make few or no difference at the end.

So we welcome this initiative … helping corportations understand that going for green travel can have a positive ROI is good and is the way forward to help green travevel become more than just a niche of the leisure travel market.

The Green Travel Summit will be held at the Fairmont, Newport Beach, California, March 23-24, 2009.

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