Work in Eco-tourism! some job offers …

Our colleagues from have just realeased a very interesting news:

“TIES website features jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities with our members from around the world. We encourage you to explore these diverse employment opportunities and to learn about careers in ecotourism and sustainable tourism. Working in ecotourism can be, particularly in these tough times, a great way to stay ahead and develop competitive skills in the ever-growing green markets.”

Jobs include:
Cook for Maho Bay Pavilion Restaurant
Web & Marketing Producer for Holbrook
Volunteer for Holbrook’s Sarapiqui Conservation Learning Center
Resort Designmier for Mithun
Trip Leader & Experienced Guide for O.A.R.S.
Group Leader for Intrepid Travel Management
Office Roles for Intrepid Travel Specialists for Intrepid Travel Retail Stores Enlightenment
Lecturers for Holbrook Travel

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