A survey on ecotourism blog

Thanks to Intakt Internet Services, a IT services company out of Berlin, Germany. They have added us in their top blog list for Ecotourism …

Have a look at the findings of their survey at http://www.trekking.net/sustainable-tourism-blogs.htm

That’s their survey positioning: “However, what does sustainable tourism really mean? How can tourism be a source of income for locals on the one hand and protect traditional local culture and enhance nature conservation on the other hand?Sustainable Tourism summarizes popular topics such as ecotourism or responsible travel. However, sustainable tourism requires a lively debate between tour operators, locals and tourists. The purpose of this debate is to create and develop new ideas and concepts in tourism in collaboration with local businesses. Weblogs are online diaries inviting people around the world to gain insight into a particular topic. Many weblogs allow comments and links to other postings and encourage an active participation of people during the development process of tourist concepts.Intakt Internet Services supports this development and started a study of current topics in commercial, personal and non-commercial blogs referring to “ecotourism”, “sustainable tourism” und “responsible tourism”. On http://www.trekking.net/sustainable-tourism-blogs.htm Intakt Internet Services published a list of current active blogs. The figures compared within the study refer to activities of bloggers in September 2008 such as number of postings or comments as well as search engine rankings.”

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