Puerto Rico starts a Coffee Zone Tourism Attraction

The annoucement cane from Terestella González Denton,, the Head of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) – boosting the concept of eco-tourism in Puerto Rico.

She announced that 10 historic coffee plantations, known as haciendas, will constitute the new “Coffee Zone”. The plantations are located in Jayuya, San Sebastian, Ponce, Adjuntas, Las Marías and Lares.

Mrs González Denton also introduced a new seal of eco-quality for the Puerto Rico’s coffee in order to stimulate agrotourism in an industry that generates locally 60 million dollars a year.

The Coffee Zone will offer tourists an eco-friendly attraction where they can commune with nature and explore a lush, mountainous region.

“Puerto Rico’s coffee growers are now an integral part of our agrotourism offering as they will welcome tourists to their plantations and offer them an authentic experience,” stated Mrs Gonzalez Denton.

A good start for the country – that will be followed in the near future in places such as Porta del Sol (West Coast) and Porta Caribe (South).

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