More ecotourism opportunities in New Zealand: a (almost) green Safari !

Nomad Safaris, a safari operator based in Queenstown, New Zealand, has just become a Green Globe certified activity.

It is interesting to note that Nomad Safaris operates a fleet of a 4-wheel drive Land Rover Defenders and quadbikes, so , you would say, not very eco-friendly right ?

It is in fact a great means to access the spectacular Queenstown scenery, that you minght have seen in the “Lord of the Rings” movie.

Gatward- Ferguson, owner of teh Safari explains us how they have managed to become a Green Globe certified activity: “It’s a significant achievement because it’s focused on an issue that’s on the forefront of everyone’s mind – sustainability. People do not expect operators who run 4-wheel drive tours to be sustainable. However, it is even more important that we try to have as little impact on the environment, given what we do. We can’t eliminate, but we can mitigate and minimize. Green Globe certification offers the ultimate proof that we are achieving those ends.”

Some of their actions towards sustainability are:
– good driving practice to reduce emissions,
– switching lights off when not needed,
– recycling,
– buying biodegradable items,
– instructing drivers to pick up refuse when they see it
– choosing suppliers who shared their green commitment.

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