A joint initiative on responsible travel and eco-tourism in Mekong (Cambodia, Loas, Vietnam)

The three neighbour countries have in fact published the ‘Responsible’ Tourism Guide.

These three fast growing tourism destinations of Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam have published a guide, a 148-page guide book, stating where and how to enjoy eco-tourism activities in the three countries.

It is quite comprehensive: more than 25 activities in each country have been profiled in ‘The Guide to Responsible Tourism in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam’.

Each activity is aiming at creating income for local people, minimizing potential negative tourism impacts, involving members of the local communities, providing meaningful experiences for tourists, helping people with physical disabilities, conserving natural and cultural heritage, and building respect between visitors and hosts.

“The various recommended activities in the book show the best side of tourism,” expressed Arjun Thapan, the GM of the Asian Development Bank (ADB). ADB sponsored the publication through its Mekong Tourism Development Project.

It is good to see such as initiative helping local eco-hotels, green hotels, eco tours. In fact,international tourism arrivals year-to-date are growing at a rate of more than 13% into Cambodia, 8% into Vietnam and 4% into Laos. So there is a need for sustainability…

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