A eco-start-up winning price @ Stanford University

A good news I just read on Techcrunch…

Women 2.0 held its second pitch event today on the kempt grounds of the Stanford University.

It was a chance for five private tech companies with at least 50% female ownership to compete for a prize suite of business services collectively worth $15,000.

People’s Choice winner Gaiagy will give building owners (both individuals and businesses) personal recommendations for how they can most economically make their operations more “green”. The site will focus on three primary areas: space heating and cooling, water heating, and lighting, with a beta version of the lighting tool slated for launch at the end of the summer. Gaiagy will not only recommend building products that can be bought directly online, but it will also rate and refer the installers who are needed for many eco-friendly upgrades.

A great tool for our partner hotels right ? A way for eco-hotel to become even more environmentaly friendly and adopt responsible travel.

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