A eco-avenue in a greener Tokyo …

Just came back from a trip in buzzling and dazzling Tokyo … Such a wonderful city, amazing, lively, energetic, caring and always so surprising … I passed by a couple of interesting shops focused towards sustainable development and green mindset, a growing trend in japan of course…. There are also more and more green hotels and offers on sustainable travel.
However something caught my eyes when walking on Tokyo’s main shopping street, Omotesando Dori. I passed by the “eco-avenue” and nothing especially green to see there , except maybe for the strange bar-minibus (check the interesting picture below;-) and its green surrounsding…
So coming back to Singapore I checked what was this eco-avenue, and here it is: a night to live, interact and make business under candlelights, for not less than 1M people … that was worth the eco-avenue name….Congratulations, Tokyo !
here is the report from Mori Building Co Ltd, the organizer ….
“Omotesando Hills participates in Candle Night @OMOTESANDO – EcoAvenue for the first timeFriday, June 22, with children lighting candles
Rethinking our lifestyles in today’s society from the perspectives of protecting the environment and reducing energy consumption, Omotesando Hills will participate this year for the first time in Candle Night @OMOTESANDO – EcoAvenue, held throughout the streets of Omotesando. Under the theme of “spending a slow evening with the power off,” this year’s event aims to have 1 million people spend the evening under candlelight.The Children’s Candle Parade, starting at 7:00 pm on Friday, June 22, will feature approximately 50 children from Jingumae Elementary School, which neighbors Omotesando Hills, walking the streets of Omotesando holding candles. The children will light the candles placed along the path through Omotesando Hills.*The Bright-Up Wall installed on the exterior wall of Omotesando Hills – 250 meters long and using approximately 20,000 – will be turned off at 8:00 pm. Its light will be replaced by light from approximately 720 candles placed on the path through Omotesando Hills and in four locations, including at the top of the Bright-Up Wall, and from 36 paper lanterns using LEDs as their light source. Furthermore, from 8:00 to 10:00 pm, about ten indoor shops will operate with reduced lighting, lowering their lights and lighting up candles.”