5 Green Hotels in Costa Rica

NPR reported in 2008 that Costa Rica, one of the world’s smallest countries, said “it wants to be the first developing country to become carbon neutral — that is, to have zero output of carbon dioxide by 2021.” Costa Rica, which is a big tourist destination for internationals, is now growing in the eco-tourism sector, with several accommodation options becoming “greener” then ever before. I have rated several of these hotels and below are some that are worth extra noting.

My favorite one has got to be the Costa Rica Tree House Lodge and with a 4/5 rating, it is worth a visit. Located outside of Puntarenas, Costa Rica, the lodge is made up of a complex of houses and suites for couples or for group to rent. Guests can even stay in the Treehouse, which is literally built in a tree, but in lots of style. The owners are also trying to build a green community close to the lodge and they are currently selling lots to buyers looking to “go green.”

The Celeste Mountain Lodge is also worth checking out. Not only does the San Jose lodge have a 4/5 rating, but guests are able to plant trees, hike to see a volcano or go rafting in the river, all in one place. The Samasati Nature Retreat, with a 4/5 rating, is also a good destination in San Jose. Nestled in 250 acres of jungle and rain forest, the retreat offers a holiday centered on relaxation. They have yoga classes twice a day, and a studio over looking the valley.

Photo courtesy of http://www.gaiahr.com/

The next hotel that is worth a look is the five star Gaia Hotel and Reserve in Jaco, Costa Rica. This hotel, rated 4/5, proves that green luxury accommodations exist. This adult only hotel is for couples and groups looking to get away from everyday life and go eco-friendly, but without sacrificing anything.
Last but not least, is the La Leona Lodge located outside of Pavones, Costa Rica. The lodge is made up of tent-cabins giving visitors a chance to camp, but in chic style. With a 4/5 rating, this lodge is not only green, but gives guests the chance to enjoy the beach without breaking the bank at 110 USD per night.