Green Hotel Key Card

More companies, specially green Hotels, are becoming earth friendly and are starting to use sustainable products. For example the wooden hotel cards that are made by some companies called the Sustainable Cards, Guest Acess International and Cadmus.

Sustainable Cards offers two types of green key cards: 100% wood card and a hybrid wood card.

Cards are 100 percent biodegradable and they are from renewable sources. They have lower shipping weight, less production impact. Guest Access International offers green key cards made from recycled PVC. Cadmus, the Whitehall Group, offers paperboard-based Green-Key cards.The green key cards look very elegant and fashionable

A typical 200-room hotel uses about 12,000 plastic keys per year. It would be great if this product will be used in a lot of green hotels.

If you are looking for an eco hotel, a green hotel, go to

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