An Ecohotel in United States for perfect skiing or snowboarding

Do you need holiday ? Are you looking for “the” resort to stay with your family or friends ?

For vacationers who love to travel but want to respect the environment in a non toxic hotel, discover the Hotel Terra Jackson Hole, a hip Eco-hotel in Wyoming.

Member of a new generation of green Hotels, Terra Jackson Hole will offer you the best of a really healthy environment :

  • air quality — a specially designed circulation system ventilating fresh air from the outside
  • low-Volatile Organic Compound materials in the wall paints, the hotels’ carpets and pads
  • 100-percent natural “Terra Bed” made from a combination of recycled steel springs, natural latex, and organic cotton
  • 100-percent organic cotton sheets, towels, bathrobes and bath mats
  • organic Bath and spa products

Ready to experience a sustainable luxurious vacation in an Ecohotel?

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