new style of eco hotels in Canada

A new chain of eco hotels is coming in Canada : ALT hotels. These chic, trandy and affordable hotels are featuring:

– Geothermal heating and cooling in every room
– Heat recovery from air exhaust to preheat cold exterior air
– Geothermal energy to condition the fresh air intake
– Domestic hot water heating from air conditionning heat rejection of the building
– Heat recovery from water used in commercial washers.
– Direct digital control (DDC) system for ventilation, cooling and heating
– Energy-efficient lighting
– Detection sensors that reduce lighting in unoccupied stairwell areas by 50%
– Main light switch to control all lights when entering or exiting each room
– Toilet with dual-flush option (3/6 liters/flush)
– Radiant floor heating of lobby and main entrance using geothermal heatpump
– Low-E oversized windows providing maximum natural light
– Recycling bins in all guestrooms and public areas
– The hotel’s green heating system will reduce CO2 emissions usually associated with this kind of building by 430 tons/year. This is an average of 2.7 tons/year or 7 kg/day for each room

Of course , these are non smoking hotels !

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