Responsible travel day at WTM

Dear readers from the industry,

You certainly know the WTM, the huge tourism tradeshow that takes place in London every year, in November. As you might be aware, they are embarking on green travel promotion. Last year a full day of conferences was 100% on resposible travel.

In order to prepare their 2009 edition, you have the opportunity to complete the WTM WRTD form, to tell them more about your own responsible tourism activity. This is an ambitious project to demonstrate to consumers ans suppliers that the industry is moving to a more responsible approach.

If you have significant achievement, you will qualify to use the 2009 WTM World Responsible Tourism Day logo – and get support from WTM WRTD website, newsletters, Spotlight magazine and via press and public relations.

Log on to the WRTD website on

Good luck !