Mexico’s Los Arboles Tulum eco-community now on sale …

I know the pages on eclotourism and green hotels in Tulum, Mexico are the most popular on this blog – therefore I thought it would be useful to present you this development from the U.S. developer The Tierra Group.

Los Arboles, situated in Tulum, is an ecological subdivision of 221 residential properties located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico. Lots of green efforts have been made for the development of the site: a comprehensive environmental study documenting all native flora and fauna, permeable roads, use of off-the-grid energy systems, constructed wetlands that work in lieu of septic systems, as well as a comprehensive home-owners’ association in place to govern compliance and harmony within the community.

Soif you have a passion for Mexico, Tulum, scuba diving, the outdoors, travel & the environment have a look at .

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