Green Globe and Green Hotels align their certification schemes …

Another interesting move from Green Globe, leading to a more comprehesive, global, set of criterias for certification… Green Globe International has reached an agreement with Green Hotel Certification for Use of the Green Globe Brand in the Certification of Hotels.
As a result, Green Hotel Certification will initiate sales and marketing efforts in North, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Europe, the first regions targeted for the co-branding program. Under terms of the definitive agreement, Green Globe International has licensed to Green Certifications the use of its brand and logo mark in conjunction with Green Hotel Certification of tourism properties as sustainable businesses.
“A strong brand supported by an efficient sales and service team will make all the difference in the world. The Green Globe / Green Hotel Certification product will deliver both operational savings as well as immediate recognition in the market place,” commented Guido Bauer, President of Green Certifications, Inc.
In exchange for the use of the Green Globe brand, Green Certifications, which owns Green Hotel Certification, will pay a licensing fee to Green Globe International for use of the brand equal to a percentage of gross revenues received by Green Certifications from its clients.

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