Another great responsible hotel chain: Alila Hotels and Resorts

Alila Hotels and Resorts is quite a different hotel chain. This Singapore Based group recognizes that travelers nowadays are less self-centered and willing to take part in making the world a much better place….

Alila Ubud and Alila Manggis made it to the Green Globe certification in May 2007.

So what are they doing so special … ? The list of concrete actions includes waste recycling, reduction in water and energy consumption, and community contribution by giving
employment priority to those living in the surrounding areas.
Beyond the hotel operations, both hotels are very much involved in community initiatives. Alila Ubud crafts special tours that introduce and help preserve Indonesia’s traditional textiles. Alila Manggis works closely with local dive operators to build programmes and awareness on protecting the coral reefs.

Both hotels are also active supporters of local programmes that highlight global environmental issues affecting local communities, such as a Bali initative called “Say No to Plastic”, which aims to encourage retailers and shoppers to cut their use of plastic bags.