Sustainable Tourism and Corporate Social Responsibility (India)

an intersting feed-back from India …. There was a clear accent on eco tourism, sustaiblable travel and green hotels in the 24th Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO) Annual Convention, on August 7-10 in India.

“Sustainable tourism” is not a discrete or special form of tourism, rather “all forms of tourism should strive to be more sustainable”, said Oliver Martin , the Associate Director — Strategic Intelligence Centre from PATA.

Mr Martin covered a lot of subjects including economic and geo-political drivers impacting the long-term sustainability of the tourism industry.

He highlighted the outcomes obtainable from well managed corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes. “Indian operators can implement relatively painless CSR policies,” he said. “These can positively differentiate company brands, enhance corporate reputation, boost employee motivation and decrease bottom line costs.” “The key for your organisation is to develop an internal policy which is both achievable and demonstrates your leadership among consumers, suppliers and partners,” said Mr Martin.

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