Ecotourism in Europe: South Europe seems to be far ahead …

Looking at Europe as a destination, we found our that it is far easier to find “eco” travel places in the South rather than in the North. Below are some examples from this reality:
Spain, Portugal and Italy are ahead of the curve in offering agritourism experiences, where visitors stay in rural homes, farms, wine estates and ranches, dining on locally grown foods, horseback riding in the countryside, walking and hiking – and in some even learning to cook with local products or lending a hand in harvesting.

Whether a tourist is taking part in the work of a farm or simply staying there as a base for touring local sights, by choosing the agritourism option they are supporting a way of life and a local community. And best of all, by doing the right thing, they are also enriching their own travel experience. Farm vacations are especially rewarding for families traveling with children, offering outdoor activities, interaction with animals and often contact with local children.

Wildlife and nature experiences are no longer limited to big game safaris, either. Natural areas in Europe are becoming more popular as tourists discover the joys of hiking in the Dolomites, Pyrennes or Portugal’s Serra da’Estrela. Visitors find that the sight of a wild chamois while hiking on the slopes of Italy’s Gran Paradisio is every bit as exciting as the thrill of a lion seen from a jeep in the savannah.
Hey, by the way, the picture up there is from Gran Paradisio, Italy, beautiful place ….

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