Canada’s Gone Wild, sustainably wild

What does one think when going to Canada? The beautiful
scenery, the rich landscape, the awesome people? The vastness of this magnificent
country boasts of the mix of warm sunny locations and cold frigid mountain
peaks, vivid streets and pale white snow, exhilaration on the slopes and calm
on its expansive fields – Canada is truly a worthwhile visit for the intrepid
traveller, the adventurer, the family or even for the romantics. But with its colourful
facets, Canada has also been home to one of the greenest and eco-forward
accommodations in the world. For over three decades now, Canadian eco-standards
have shot up to provide guests and visitors with a discerning take on how “eco-active”
these hotels, resorts and lodges are in maintaining the perfect equilibrium of
comfort and sustainability to its guests.
If one is high up in the ridges and peaks of the Canadian
Rockies, a visit to the Sunwolf Outdoor Center to get the action going with a
variety of activities suited for the well-travelled back-packer. Horseback
through the dense wilderness of the coniferous forests and even savour the
excitement of rock climbing after a day’s trekking. Afterwards, treat yourself
to a relaxing retreat at the in-facility garden.
When with family, a good getaway with much seclusion and
privacy would be Eastview Wilderness Ranch. Functioning as both a cattle ranch
for organic beef as well as an accommodation for six to eight guests, the ranch
gives a glimpse of pastoral life in the Canadian rural areas. Kids are treated with
a variety of farm animals and the adults can lounge about and even do their own
piece of gardening and relish the comforts inside a well-furnished cabin.
Canada also has a booming economic landscape, so business
travelling is not an exemption in these parts. One can stay at the Fairmont Royal York in Toronto. Situated in one of the most vibrant and bustling metropolises
in Canada, the Fairmont Royal York caters to business travellers being that it’s
right smack in the center of the business district. Giving guests the comfort and
luxury of the Fairmont brand as well as the convenience of proximity to the
different shopping areas, restaurants and offices, a stay here is a delight for
seamless business travellers.
Whether staying in with adventure travellers, the family or
with colleagues from work, Canada has much to offer. It’s green and eco-active
hotels have been providing quality stays for their visitors. That’s why Canada
has always been on top of everyone’s list of places to go to unwind and care
for the environment.

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