5 Hidden treasures of green hotels in United States

It’s a brand new year, and since my last post, many United States hotels with greenpractises have been unearthed since. These hidden green gems are greener than most hotels, and therefore deserves to be mentioned in our greeenty blog.

An emerald gem, aptly hidden in the Treasure Mountains, search and you shall find, the jewel in the crown, the Treasure Mountain Inn. Treasure Mountain Inn runs entirely on wind power, a strong statement in Treasure Mountain Inn’s intention to go green and rely on renewable energy resources instead of fossil fuels. Treasure Mountain Inn sees any item as brimming with potential to be recycled, and recycles so often that it was nominated “Recycler of the year” in Utah for 2 years running previously.

 Picture courtesy of Felix Hotel website.

Up next, meet Felix the, wait for it, Hotel. The Felix Hotel does not simply puss around with green initiatives. Instead, great deal of considerations goes into all operations of the hotel, with emphasis stressed on minimal negative impact on the environment. The Felix Hotel was delicately designed to be eco-friendly, and built in such a way that it is able to draw on the surrounding for its heat during the winters. Someone best let the cat out of the bag, and spread around word that Felix Hotel is a serious contender in for the title of the “greenest hotel”.

By the sea, lays another hidden gem, the Viking’s Greenstone Inn.As it name suggests, Greenstone Inn has a harden resolve to be a thriving green business, and it has done relatively well so far. The building itself was constructed with recycled materials and construction-waste forming a bulk of construction materials. A solar grid helps to partially power the Greenstone Inn, while also utilising advance technology to reduce reliance on fossil fuel energy.

Picture courtesy of Bentwood Inn website.

Nestled within Jackson Hole, and having a soft spot for lodgings in natural habitats, I had to include Bentwood Inn for a mention in this post. Bentwood Inn fully runs on 100% renewable energy, while at the same time still implements energy saving practises. Compact Fluorescent lightings are but one example, with timers to switch off heaters at regular intervals amongst other energy saving measures. Bentwood Inn happens to be an enthusiastic advocate of green establishments as well, and works actively together with these associations to help bring about a greener environment.

Picture courtesy of h2hotel website.

As always, the last hotel is the best there is,  I reckon. When it comes to being green, h2hotel certainly can claim to be one of the leading green hotels there are. The construction of h2hotel took place with great care given to the environment, with recycled materials being the most utilised construction material. h2hotel also purchased items only from its nearby local start ups, and does so with the intent of reducing carbon emission from transportation of goods. Solar panels can be found at the top of h2hotel, and is used to heat the pool and water system. h2hotel measures are already impressive, but the hotel’s management believes that more can be done, and I for one am excited to see further innovative implementations of h2hotel!

So that’s my top 5 hotels in the United States unearthed recently! Below are more hotels, which are doing their part to be green as well! Have a look!

The Eliot Hotel

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