Eco-Friendly Travel in the Caribbean? Look No Further Than Belize

When most people picture a Caribbean vacation, they envision fruity cocktails, sparkling poolside lounging and luxurious resorts decked out with amenities. The green traveler brings a different perspective to the table. While the idea of an eco-friendly Caribbean vacation may not seem attainable, green getaways are certainly attainable in many tropical destinations, including Belize.

The rainforests and rugged terrain of Belize offer a haven for the outdoorsy traveler. The supply of natural adventure is never-ending in this country, although one may be surprised to find that campgrounds aren’t easy to come by – but if you seek it, you will find it. Whether you’re interested in pitching your tent in the pit of the wilderness, or would rather camp out near civilization, Belize eco-tourism offers options to please any earthly traveler.

While camping amongst nature may seem like the most obvious choice for sleeping under the stars, Belize vacationers will find that many hotels allow campers to set up on their property. In fact, some lodging facilities have areas designated specifically for camping guests. This is a great option for the tourist who is looking for eco-friendly accommodations without leaving the comforts of modern amenities. For the best experience, consider accommodations like the Midas Eco Resort in San Ignacio, which offers $4 campsites, or $34 cabanas.

If you’re looking to truly rough it, you will be able to find rugged camping throughout conservation and national areas. Hiking through the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary promises to deliver lasting memories as you trek through the world’s only jaguar sanctuary, but keep in mind that permits are required for campers wishing to set up a private campsite. Alternatively, you may opt for the dorm-style lodging offers at the Quarn Barn. Other great locations for outdoor camping include Five Blues Lake National Park, or the Half Moon Caye National Monument. Additionally, Mountain Pine Ridge offers a haven for outdoorsy travelers, with hiking, horseback riding, swimming, caving and more.

Many travelers may dream of spending their Caribbean vacations bathed in luxurious amenities, but for some of us, the adventure is more about getting in touch with the world around us. Whether you’re interested in eco-friendly lodging, or pure camping, Belize enables the nature loving tourist to seek out the beauty of wilderness. When planning your next vacation to Belize, consider your green travel options.

About the Author: Katie Boue is a Cuban-American writer who studied at Florida State University’s Creative Writing program before setting off on worldly adventures. An avid rock-climber and photographer, Katie has a passion for exploration. Her recent adventures include briefly living along the southern coast of France, eating her way through northern California and an upcoming road trip throughout America in search of the best climbing spots. She currently writes for a network of Caribbean travel guide sites.

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