Dewalokam- India’s Green Nirvana

Dewalokam Farmstay Retreat will attend to the needs of guests with such precision, detail, and desire that you will feel as if you are the only individual staying here. The warm service and smiles offered by the well-spoken and understanding locally employed staff offers you a taste of India’s excellent customer service minded nature. Their knowledge of Dewalokam’s grounds and India’s natural resources surrounding the lodge reflects the time and effort spend in the training procedures to ensure customer service excellence. Furthermore, it shows the dedication behind green travel and Dewalokam’s insistence behind establishing a place that will provide sustainability and minimize the destruction of precious natural resources.

In order to remain a fully functioning, comfortable, and sustainable eco retreat, Dewalokam hosts its own collection of animals, and farm gardens to supply the guests and staff with a broad selection of local and organic food. This carefully selected, grown, and tended produce is transformed into mouth-watering meals tailored to perfection and giving the guests a generous serving of Indian delicacies. The farm produces its own vegetables, fruits, dairy, honey, meat, and fish to ensure hygienic and healthy food items to choose from. The guests may even chose to discover the farm work for themselves by exploring the fields and helping out the local farmers in sampling their own evening dinner. One may even be guided on a spice walk, be taught about the various spices that Dewalokam grows for its ayurvedic herbal treatments. Follow this up by a relaxing ayurveda treatment or a yoga class.

If you prefer a more adventurous form of activity, Dewalokam offers total emergence into India’s natural wonders. Discover the mystical jungles by organizing a day of forest trekking and discover the soothing sounds of exotic birds, or be amazed by the thousands of fruitbats that call the forest home. Or discover the thundering waterfalls hidden amongst the luscious greenery. Perhaps a guided tour on a bamboo raft, while enveloped by nature and allowing your eyes to feast on the many birds and junglelife, satisfies the senses.

If you wish to relax and retreat, you may do so in one of the hammocks located around the grounds, as you sway along with the steady breeze and listen to the only sounds that breaks the natural silence; the songs of birds.

The rooms function on alternative forms of energy, water is conserved, and all natural resources are managed to minimize waste. If you happen to be too full after the taste bud tingling meals, any scraps will be offered to the compost facilities. Your comforts will not be sacrificed while saving the environment. Comfortable and hygienic rooms and privacy alongside the beautiful swimming pool is what you may expect from this pristine natural haven.

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