I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas…

The holiday season is upon us and it would only seem fit to discuss the impact some of our Christmas traditions have on our environment. Most of us will be travelling during this time; whether a long deserved beach holiday in the tropics, or an adventurous road trip to visit the family and spend Christmas with them. So, how do you go about travelling such distances without wreaking havoc on the environment? It is fair to say that planning a trip to Fiji, for example, would involve air travel; unless you were to set aside several months to get there the green way. It is hard to avoid airplanes if you plan a long distance trip, so putting that aside, how can you be green at your holiday destination?

1. First off, check-in at an eco-friendly hotel. In the rising eco-tourism economy plenty of reliable, safe, and fantastic places have sprouted in the region. Surely, there should be something to satisfy your senses; luxurious, simple, cozy, kid-friendly; you name it. And when you find something; don’t be afraid to spread the word and let us know!

2. Take the public transport in your country of destination. Not only will it save you plenty of money, you’ll be surprised what you can find when you emerge yourself in the local way of life. You often arrive at destinations which are much less touristy, and undiscovered by the commercialized sectors of the city.

3. Choose green activities. Hire windsurfing equipment over a jet-ski; not only will it be much less disturbing to the underwater world, you won’t be polluting the oceans with toxic engine wastes. Go for a bicycle ride or hike through the lush landscape instead of staring out the window of a taxi.

4. Seek out the eco-friendly tours, there are plenty around and if you consider the pollution levels from a full daytrip; it may encourage you to put in that little effort and tour the green way. You can find information at local tourist offices around the place you stay and often your eco-hotel will offer their own trips and activities designed to leave nothing but a memory of your own to be remembered.

If you can start by introducing just these few tips in your travel plans, it will make a big difference.

Of course not all of us are planning on an airplane trip; some will visit family and drive down to spend Christmas with them. Well, how about taking a bus? You will not have to drive, pay for gasoline, and cost the environment. Even with the kids you will not run the risk of being distracted when they quarrel in the backseat. Plus, for your own safety; we all know the holiday season still brings about plenty of raod hazards, whether the weather conditions or the many irresponsible drivers out there. I know I’d feel much safer in that big, tough bus. Do the right thing, do the green thing.

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