Sri Lanka tourism working on becoming carbon neutral by 2018

Dear Readers

a very interesting move from Sri Lanka Tourism along with all its stakeholders (hotels and resorts, tour-operators, travel agencies, green hotels, eco hotels.

Mr Milinda Moragoda, Minister of Tourism, has launched this campaign to make Sri Lanka the most sought after green destination in Asia. He declared “Towards a Carbon Clean Sri Lanka: A Tourism Earth Lung” is the thrust we have initiated. I am happy that the initiative championed by Sri Lanka Tourism presented at the UNWTO/UNEP/WMO/ WEF 2nd Conference on Climate Change and Tourism in Davos, was recognised and is supported by the UNWTO. With the Tourism Earth Lung destination initiative, we seek to establish codes of practice for each of the industry sub-sectors. It also seeks to influence and even lead efforts at stopping de-forestation, ensuring re-forestation, encourage the use of alternative energy sources and mitigate pollution at their sources through local and regional efforts, creating an “Earth Lung Community”.

Read the full report by Milinda Moragoda, M.P., Minister of Tourism, Sri Lanka’s pledge “Towards a Carbon Clean Sri Lanka: A Tourism Earth Lung” at