Puerto Rico jumps in Ecotourism

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) announced that 10 historic coffee plantations, known as haciendas, will join forces into a “Coffee Zone”

This move and new controlled trademark is certified by both the Department of Agriculture and the PRTC.

The locations are Jayuya, San Sebastian, Ponce, Adjuntas, Las Marías and Lares. In all these areas, Puero Rico is looking at stimulating agrotourism.

This is clearly an alternative way to visit the Island – a way to commune with nature and explore a lush, mountainous region.

“Puerto Rico’s coffee growers are now an integral part of our agrotourism offering as they will welcome tourists to their plantations and offer them an authentic experience,” said Gonzalez Denton, Executive Director on the project.

He also insisted that the Coffee Zone will form part of PRTC marketing efforts for the island’s Porta del Sol (West Coast) and Porta Caribe (South) regions and there is a plan in place to promote coffee tourism in upcoming events.

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